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1209 Enterprise is one of the leading US based marketing consultancy companies for small to medium sized businesses. Since its inception in 2007, 1209 Enterprise works with businesses that are looking for increased sales performance, high growth and enhanced brand visibility. We help small businesses grow through developing and creating materials within our divisions to enhance their brand awareness.

In simple terms, 1209 Enterprise helps small to medium sized businesses grow through providing an outsourced marketing department capable of making a difference to their businesses. Experienced in all facets of the marketing, our marketing model ensures that businesses have a marketing manager, backed by a team of lead generation, advertising, creativity, social media, branding, public and web relations experts - all talking your language. FIND OUT MORE

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1209 Arts is a Miinority Business Enterprise (MBE) based in New York City. It was conceived by two strikingly innovative, strong willed, and focused individuals. Upon its conception, 1209 Arts has taken on that persona by evolving into a leading, cutting edge source of communication. Located in the design capital and mecca of the world, New York City, 1209 Arts includes their diversity and tact to their clients and workmanship. It is there that 1209 Arts accomplishes results by creating recognition, establishing images, and conveying information with stellar precision. 1209 Arts is known for developing digital printing, web design, multi media, outstanding graphics and video production.

1209 Arts has assisted hundreds of small business and entrepreneurs in developing their marketing materials and branding. We have also provided stellar print and graphic services for major corporate clients such as Barclay Center, NY Post, H&R Block, Movado, and others.

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Our Clients

Levy Rest
city college

1209 Publishing

William Dennis, native of the Bronx, NY touches many different aspects of life in his first poetry book "Welcome to My Real: Word of a Man Raised in an Urban Jungle". Touching upon many different realms of his life (desire, relationships, media, struggle and empowerment), when you read his writings, his imagery and experiences will usher you into the world of a man raised in an urban jungle. Read More

This guide can be used to assist individuals that are seeking ICONS in business, entertainment, publishing, music, fashion and any other industry in existence. Read More

1209 Publishing is projected to become a global leader in the field of general interest, providing consumers worldwide with a diverse range of quality books across a wide variety of genres and formats. 1209 Publishing, an independent publishing company was founded in 2012 by Sanya Hudson-Payne and is a subsidiary of 1209 Enterprise, founded by Frank Waters (President) and Henry Nelson (Vice President). Read More

Publishing Services

Design/Printing Services

  • Color Cover Design
  • Interior Layout
  • Print on Demand Distribution (POD)
  • Postcards
  • Bookmarks
  • Banners and Stands
  • Business Cards


Multimedia Services

  • Book Available at Online Outlets (Amazon, B&N, iBook, etc.)
  • Social Media (set-up and design of landing pages, Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter)
  • Press Release (written and distributed)

Marketing Services

  • Video Trailer Development
  • Author Professional Website w/E-commerce
  • Flier Distribution
  • Online Marketing (target banner display, video, etc.)

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